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Shipping Information

As a stocking merchant, US Geological Supply strives to ship all orders shipping by United Parcel Service on the same business day that we receive them. If we receive your order on Monday through Friday before 1:30pm Pacific Time then we're usually able to pack and send your order out on that same business day.

Due to the early pick up time for US Mail we can't ship on the same business day.

If we receive your order after the UPS shipping close out time or you choose US Mail as your shipping method, then you package will ship with the next business day.

Orders shipping by US Mail placed on Friday will be packaged on Friday but will actually ship on Monday.

We can't ship on Saturday, Sunday or a holiday as pickups are not made on those days. UPS does not honor the same holidays as USPS so we're able to ship on more Federal holidays using UPS.

We recommend shipping by UPS. UPS is much more reliable on deliveries. UPS provides package tracking and guaranteed delivery day. USPS offers neither.

Estimated UPS transit times from Lone Pine, CA

USPS Express Mail takes 1-3 days depending upon whether you live downtown in a major city, a major city suburb or a rural area. Normally USPS Priority Mail takes 2-4 days but in 10% of the time it takes much longer. USPS First-Class Mail takes 2-4 days, too. Delivery times for USPS Parcel Post are roughly the same as for UPS Ground. USPS does NOT provide a guaranteed delivery time.

Only USPS Express Mail offers tracking information. If you use USPS once the package has been turned over to the post office then there's no way for either you or for us to know where a package is until it is delivered. After a package is 3 weeks late we can replace the contents of your package once we have received a signed did not receive statement from you.


International Customers see International Shipping.