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Rocks Clever Catch

Rocks Clever Catch

Students say "Rocks Rock! With this Clever Catch. Test your students ability to recall important rock facts.

This 24" inflatable ball makes learning about Rocks and their properties a bunch of fun! Play a quick game by tossing the ball back and forth between two students or a group, and wherever the students left thumb lands is the question that gets answered!! Teacher?s answers and instructions for game play are included on the enclosed answer sheet. Examples of the 96 questions:
  • TRUE OR FALSE: The Hawaiian Islands are made entirely of coral rock.
  • What sedimentary rock is made from lime oozes?
  • TRUE OR FALSE: Some of the world's most beatiful gems grew in metamorphic
  • Name and igneous rock that floats in water.
  • What makes the rocks in a stream smooth and round?
  • TRUE OR FALSE: Rocks contain clues that can help detemine their origins?
  • The first rocks on earth were _____?
  • Limestone consists chiefly of the mineral _____?
  • TRUE OR FALSE: Magma that cooled slowly would have big crystals?
  • TRUE OR FALSE: The layered rocks in the Grand Canyon are mostly sedimentary.
  • TRUE OR FALSE: Granite is so tough that it never weathers.
  • Pebbles that are held together by a binding material such as cement are
    • A. volcanic rocks
    • B. plutonic rocks
    • C. fossilized rocks
    • D. conglomerate rocks

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