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Mineral Study Kit

Mineral Study Kit

Excellent introduction to minerals. Students will learn to identify 15 common minerals by observing and testing their physical properties. Activity guide, magnifying glass, streak plate, nail included.

Mineral Specimen Color Luster Streak Hardness Unique properties
Fluorite Green, yellow, purple Vitreous White   4   Forms cubic crystals and often fluoresces
Feldspar, var. Microcline White, red, green Vitreous White   6 Cleavage angle just under 90 degrees
Hematite Red, brown, black Dull to metallic Dark red   5.5 - 6.5 Becomes magnetic upon heating
Pyrite Pale brass yellow Metallic Brown   6 - 6.5 Is brittle and has conchoidal fracture
Quartz, var. Milky Colorless to white Vitreous None   7 Conchoidal fracture
Calcite White, yellow, brown, blue Vitreous to earthy White   3 Often fluorescent and has many colors
Mica, var. Muscovite Colorless, yellow, brown Vitreous to pearly None   2 - 2.5 Thin sheets are elastic (tenacity)
Magnetite Iron-black Metallic Black   6 Magnetic
Gysum, var. Alabaster White, gray, yellow Pearly to earthy White   2 Can be scratched by a fingernail
Talc White, green, gray Pearly to greasy White   1 Greasy feel, sectile (tenacity)
Halite Colorless, white, pink Transparent White   2.5 Salty taste
Mica, var. Biotite Green, brown, black Splendent None   2.5 - 3 Thin sheets are elastic (tenacity)
Graphite Black Metallic to dull Black   1 - 2 Greasy feel
Gypsum, var. Satin Spar White, gray Silky White   2 Fibrous gypsum
Gypsum, var. Selenite Colorless Transparent White   2 Bladed gypsum
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