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Lot-O-Tumbler Vibratory Tumbler, Double Barrel

Lot-O-Tumbler Vibratory Tumbler, Double Barrel

The Lot-O-Tumbler Double Barrel Vibratory Tumbler can process up to 9 pounds, 4.5 pounds per barrel, of material at a time AND it can process it in 5 to 7 days! No waiting weeks for tumbling with a rotary tumbler to be complete. Vibratory tumblers don't shape, actually round, the rocks as does a rotary. The material comes out basically in the same shape as when it went in only polished and with the sharp edges smoothed down.

The Lot-O-Tumbler can process anything that can fit through the 2 1/4 inch opening. That's slabs, cabs, preforms, rocks, ... anything! The rubber barrel is easily removed for cleaning. At any time you can easily remove the cap to see the material being processed, something you can't do with a rotary tumbler.

Each tumbler comes with basic instructions and enough grit and polishing compounds for one load. We recommend purchasing additional polishing kits as well as a second barrel. Use the second barrel for the final polishing stages just in case grit from the grinding stages isn't completly removed when cleaning the barrel. Otherwise the material will never get a polish. When the grinding barrel gets worn out, rotate the polish barrel to the grind stages and add a new barrel for the polishing stages.

Note: You must use both barrels, each containing a load of around 4 pounds, when you polish with this tumbler. Consider whether you'll always polish this much rock at a time before you select the Lot-O-Tumbler Vibratory Tumbler, Double Barrel. Since this tumbler can polish rocks in 5-7 days, much faster than other tumblers, you can polish a lot of rock quickly without requiring a double barrel tumbler.

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