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Gem Minerals Collection

Gem Minerals Collection

The specimens in this collection represent minerals rare and beautiful enough to be prized as gemstones. Included are specimens of study grade beryl, topaz, rose quartz, turquoise, olivine, corundum, garnet, tourmaline, and more. 15 specimens approximately 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" in a compartmented tray.

Rocks and minerals that are prized for their beauty, durability, and rarity are termed gemstones. The specimens used in this collection are examples of specific gem minerals, but lack the luster, transparency, color or hardness of expensive gemstones.

1. PYRITE- Also known as fools gold, it is used as an ornamental material.
2. OLIVINE-The gem quality variety is known as peridot.
3. GARNET- A common mineral, but rarely having gem quality or color.
4. CORUNDUM-The gem quality grade of corundum is sapphire.
5. AMAZONITE- A rare green form of microcline feldspar.
6. SPODUMENE- A lithium aluminum silicate. Kunzite is the gem variety.
7. TURQUOISE-A copper mineral that has been used as a gem by America Indians for centuries.
8. AGATE-A banded form of quartz used for carvings and ornamental stones.
9. SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN-A form of volcanic glass, the snowflakes are inclusions of the mineral cristobalite.
10. TOURMALINE-Black tourmaline is commonly found in pegmatites. Gem tourmaline is usually green, pink or blue.
11. JADEITE - The gem quality is used in sculptures and costume jewelry.
12. AMETHYST-A purple variety of quartz used in jewelry.
13. RHODONITE-A magnesium silicate mineral used in jewelry and carvings.
14. QUARTZ CRYSTAL- Collectors of quartz crystals first believed that quartz crystals, or rock crystals were petrified ice.
15. BERYL-A beryllium aluminum silicate, aquamarine and emerald are gem varieties of this mineral.
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