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Crystalline Aggregate Collection

Crystalline Aggregate Collection
CRYSTAL HABITS AND AGGREGATES COLLECTION Many minerals form distinct crystal patterns as the crystals grow. Minerals may form isolated or distinct crystals, in radiating or parallel groups, or in a collection of crystals call aggregates. Aggregates of minerals sometimes are composed of scales or lamellae or of grains. Below is a list of terms geologists use to describe these crystal habits:
ACICULAR -slender, needle like crystals MYGDALOIDAL A -rock with mineral filled cavaties
BANDED -narrow bands of differing colors BLADED -elongated, flattened crystals
BOTRYOIDAL -globular forms like a bunch of grapes CAPILLARY -hair like crystals
COLLOFORM -spherical forms of radiating crystals COLUMNAR -column like crystal
CONCENTRIC -spherical layers around a common center CONCRETION -minerals formed around a nucleus
DENDRITIC -slender divergent branches DRUSY -a layer of small crystals on a surface
FIBROUS -slender fiber aggregate of crystals FILIFORM -embedded threadlike crystals
FOLIATED -easily separated into plates GEODE - a spherical hollow cavity lined by mineral(s)
GLOBULAR -radiating crystals forming small spheres GRANULAR -composed of grain like crystals
LAMELLAR -plate like crystals forming layers MAMMILLARY-round masses resembling mammae
MASSIVE -a mineral w/o distinguishing features or form MICACEOUS -easily separated into thin sheets
OOLITIC -aggregate of small spheres resembling fish eggs PISOLITIC -aggregate of spheres the size of peas
RADIATED -radiating crystal groups RENIFORM -radiating crystals forming kidney shape
RETICULATED -lattice like groups of crystals ROSETTE- a flowerlike crystal growth of minerals
STALACTITIC-conical/cylindrical deposits of minerals STELLATED -radiating crystals forming circular groups

1.  Calcite (in Limestone) Oolitic
2.  Quartz Geode
3.  Wavellite Radiated/Stellated
4.  Barite Rosette
5.  Vanadinite Drusy
6.  Spodumene Columnar
7.  Gypsum var. Satin Spar Fibrous
8.  Biotite Micaceous/Foliated
9.  Barite Lamellar/Tabular
10. Olivine Granular
11. Dolomite Granular
12. Bauxite Pisolitic
13. Onyx Banded
14. Chalcedony Massive
15. Gypsum var. Alabaster Massive
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